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DJR Care believes that every family deserves an amazing caregiver.. Call us now 647-730-5577

Around-the-Clock Care

Your safety and peace of mind is our top priority. We understand there may come a time when you require more consistent full-time support at home and care around-the-clock.

Continuous Daily Care Team
Do you need someone to help you with meal preparation and house cleaning day to day? Your around-the-clock care team and caregiver will take over any tasks that need handling and accompany you on your favorite daily outings such as walking your dog or going grocery shopping. No matter the situation or occasion, you will always have someone readily available to provide assistance and companionship to you all day, every day.

Often times a physical disability limits your ability to carry out your daily lifestyle as you used to. DJR Care will be sure you and your family can always count on your caregiver to be at your home 24/7 to provide moral support, company and friendly assistance.
Call our team of Aging in Place Specialists at 647-730-5577 to find out more.. Contact us >> 
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