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DJR Care believes that every family deserves an amazing caregiver. Call us now at 647-730-5577

 Companionship Services

As people age, they start to become isolated and lonely. It’s amazing what a visit once, twice, or three times a week can make. We’ve seen seniors smile again, laugh again, and look young again from just having fun added to their lives.

Do you have a mom or dad that’s in a seniors’ home? We have companions who will pay a visit and talk with mom and dad about the things that bring a smile to their face. They’ve even brought in their laptops so they can sing along to favorite old-time songs. They’ve fed the ducks in Beacon Hill Park, gone window-shopping., and discussed research with a retired professor.

If you’re busy with work, we can fill in the gap. We’ll take your mom and dad out for a drive, to the art gallery or museum, or for coffee. Our cheerful and friendly caregivers will make sure your mom or dad has a great time out.
Try our companion services for a few months to experience the difference it makes. Call us at 647-730-5577 to find out more.
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