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End of Life Care

You will face many difficult decisions as you near the end of life and those decisions will include what kind of care you'd like to receive and where you'd like to receive this care. You will also consider who will make decisions about your care should you not be able to make decisions yourself.

Devoted & Experienced End of Life Care
You deserve comfort, quality of life, and respect for your personal treatment decisions and cultural or spiritual concerns at every stage. DJR Care promises to provide you the necessary family support at home or in a care facility through our end-of-life care program.

It’s our mission to ensure this passage of your life is as burden-free as possible. That is why our comprehensive health services team will communicate closely with you and your family to ensure your continuity of care is seamless and stress-free. We want you to maintain as much dignity as possible throughout the entire process and will provide you with around-the-clock emotional and physical support with each day.

End of Life Care Where & When You Need It
Our greatest goal is to support you and your family’s acceptance of your end-of-life care phase and to discuss any changing aspects of your care process openly and honestly.

Most importantly, we guarantee you will never be alone. Your caregiver, DJR Care team and other health care providers will remain in close communication and contact with you and your family at every stage to ensure this chapter is as comfortable and peaceful as possible.
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