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DJRcare believes that every family deserves an amazing caregiver.. Call us now at quote 647-730-5577

Home Support & Light Cleaning

You’re recovering from surgery, or you are injured, and cleaning is becoming too tough to do? In addition to providing you with personal care and home supports, our caregivers can provide you with a little extra help around the home by assisting with some light house cleaning and cooking during their shift.

Seniors and widowers may also struggle with cleaning, as can people who have back pain or have been in an accident. Any physio will tell you that vacuuming is hard on your body.

Hire us for home support and see what differences we can make for you and your home. Not sure it will work for you? Try it out for a few months and discover the freedom a home support worker brings.

Call us at 674-730-5577 to find out more. 
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