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Living room windows looking a bit cloudy? Kitchen floor in need of a sweep? We know that getting around to keep things tidy every day can be difficult and accomplishing your chores on your own may be challenging.

Home Making & House Cleaning Services for the Elderly
You can stay at home relaxing with a good book or cup of tea while your caregiver cleans those hard to reach corners. 

Do you have a special cleaning request? Our comprehensive home care program manager along with your caregiver will be more than happy to accommodate your specific wishes to ensure your home is in tip-top shape. We understand you may have a specific way of dusting your favorite table with a particular type of lemon oil, so we’ll be sure to go to great lengths to get the task done precisely as you would do it.

We also understand your home is very special to you and that makes it special to us too. Your caregiver will handle your furniture and keepsakes with extra love and attention making sure every object is placed in its rightful spot. Our around-the-clock home care services will let you relax comfortably knowing your home will be looked after from top to bottom every morning, noon and night.
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