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DJR Care believes that every family deserves an amazing caregiver.. Call us now for more details 647-730-5577

Live-in Caregiver

Live-in Care can be more economical than you think.
Our clients that decided upon live-in care did so because:

  • Mom loved her home and didn’t want to move

  • Both parents had health issues and the children lived elsewhere

  • The clients, a senior couple, knew they needed help as one had dementia and the other was unable “to do it all”

  • The daughter knew her mom’s medical issues were too severe for her to handle by herself and her mom wanted to remain at home

  • The sons knew their mom wanted to stay at home but her dementia had advanced to the point where she couldn’t live on her own

In each of these cases, live-in was the affordable and compassionate decision. Call 5647-730-5577 to find out more.
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