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Meal Preparation

In-Home Cooking for the Elderly
DJR Care knows how important mealtime is throughout your morning, afternoon and evening. Our care team provides thoughtful in-home cooking services for seniors to ensure you have the most enjoyable culinary experience at every meal.

Hire us for home support and see what differences we can make for you and your home. Not sure it will work for you? Try it out for a few months and discover the freedom a home support worker brings.

Let Us Do the Cooking for You
We know that you may be an amazing chef yourself with a knack and love for meal preparation and cooking for family and friends. We understand you might not have a driver’s license, so it can be difficult to go to grocery stores on your own, and walking around a store with a shopping cart or a full basket might be tricky.

As part of DJR Care’s meals for seniors services, your caregiver will handle all of your grocery shopping for you each week or accompany you on your daily errands if you prefer selecting your own ingredients from your favorite food shops. Have fun preparing a meal together with your DJR Care home caregiver whenever you feel inspired. Share your menu wish list with your Care Manager and we will help to make your culinary dreams come true!

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