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Personal Care

We understand how important it is to maintain your sense of independence. Some days, handling day-to-day tasks on your own, such as bathing and doing your own hair, can feel like quite a challenge. That’s why DJR Care is ready to alleviate any extra stress in your life with our senior personal care services.

Qualified Personal Care Assistant

DJR Care is committed to giving you the highest quality of personal care possible. Your caregiver has been fully screened, assessed and prepped, ready to happily assist you with your everyday tasks and more monumental ones too. If you have mobility challenges such as getting out of bed and into a wheelchair, your caregiver and our DJR Care team will be ready with the proper equipment and a helping hand to assist you.

We know that last-minute situations may occur from time to time as well. Your caregiver will be prepared to step-in at a moment’s notice when you need some extra help during the day or evening. Rest assured knowing you will always have support around the clock with the activities happening in your life

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