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DJR Care believes that every family deserves an amazing caregiver.. Call us now at 674-730-5577

Caregiver Relief/Respite Care

Caregiving is a challenge at the best of times. It’s long hours, worry, stress, and task upon task. That’s why caregivers too often become care-needers. Did you know that caregivers have higher rates of hospitalization? That they die sooner than they should?

Don’t let this happen to you. Get rid of burnout by getting some help. DJR Care can fill in the gap that friends and family isn’t. It’s an affordable investment in your health and happiness.

Many caregivers find that having an outing once or twice a week with friends helps them stay fresh and balanced.

Phone DJR Care at 647-730-5577 because you want to make sure you don’t burnout.. Contact us now >> 
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